BMG(Low ceiling type)

Suitable for low ceiling site.

The capability of flexible transfer is ensured even in the low ceiling space.

  • Pneumatic type
  • Fixed type base
  • Mobile type base
  • Suspended load 30kg
  • Suspended load 38kg
  • Suspended load 50kg
  • Suspended load 75kg
  • Suspended load 150kg


ModelMax.load (kg)Max.working radius (mm)Up and down stroke (mm)Air consumptionApprox. Mass (kg)Outline drawing (PDF)
Nℓ/minCycle time (sec)
BMG-30W30R190516004810100*Fixed type
*Mobile type
BMG-38S38R237520007510100*Fixed type
*Mobile type
BMG-38W38R237520007510140*Fixed type
*Mobile type
BMG-50W50R190516007510135*Fixed type
*Mobile type
BMG-75W75R2220160012210220*Fixed type
*Mobile type
BMG-150W150R2220160019110290*Fixed type
*Mobile type
Air pressure : 0.49MpaG
For detail of dimension, please download the full outline drawing (PDF).